• The Top Diseases That Can Cause Hearing Loss

    The Top Diseases that Can Cause Hearing Loss Many people associate aging with hearing loss, genetics, or by sustaining damage to the ear from excessive noise, but did you know that there are diseases that can also cause hearing loss? It’s true. Many people suffer from hearing impairment due to a disease, and while the […]

  • How Can I Get My Hearing Aid Batteries To Last Longer

    How Can I Get My Hearing Aid Batteries to Last Longer? It can be frustrating when your battery on your hearing aid dies, especially since they are essential to having a hearing aid that functions properly. However, this scenario can become even more frustrating if you don’t have any spares on you. While hearing aids […]

  • The Ways To Restore Hearing Loss

    The Ways to Restore Hearing Loss Hearing loss is a frustrating and debilitating health condition that plagues millions of Americans. However, did you know that some hearing deficits can be temporary? It’s true. While hearing loss can be permanent (and mostly is), there is a chance that your hearing loss could be a result of […]

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