• Should I Have My Ears Professionally Cleaned?

    Your ears are an amazing organ. They help you hear the world around you, and the best part is they clean up after themselves. Earwax and other debris will move and fall out of your ear on their own, without any outside intervention. However, while your ears are naturally self-cleaning, sometimes earwax buildup can occur. […]

  • MP3 Players and Hearing Loss

    Nowadays, it seems like almost everyone has an electronic device on them at all times. While the standard MP3 player seems to have fallen off, handheld technology is still thriving with the use of smartphones and tablets. Nowadays, anyone can listen to music on their phone or iPad or watch a movie or television show. […]

  • How to Survive the Holidays with Hearing Loss

    The holiday season is an excellent time to reconnect with both friends and family. However, for those with impaired hearing or hearing loss, the holidays can bring about a sense of fear and anxiety. A person with impaired hearing, no matter how severe, can often feel alienated and disconnected during these times of togetherness. The […]

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