• Replacing Hearing Aids: Is It Necessary?

    It doesn’t matter if you are an existing hearing aid user or are looking into getting a pair for your first time; being educated is a crucial aspect. Hearing aids are an important investment, so knowing as much as you can help prepare you and help you get the most out of your hearing aids. […]

  • Extending Hearing Aid Battery Life

    Hearing aids are a fantastic device, as they help extend a person’s ability to hear. While there are many upsides to hearing aids, one of the negatives about this device is the use of batteries. There’s nothing worse than your batteries dying, especially when you need them the most. Plus, buying new batteries can be […]

  • How to Cope with Tinnitus

    Tinnitus can be a difficult condition to manage, especially if you happen to have a severe case. While some people may experience tinnitus every once in a while, some deal with this condition day in and day out. When a person is experiencing tinnitus, they are the only ones who are able to hear the […]

  • Healthy Hearing Recipes: Dark Chocolate Bark

    February is the month of love and chocolate. For the chocoholics out there, you will be happy to know that high-quality dark chocolate is good for your health and hearing. So in light of Valentine’s Day and National Nutrition Month (starting tomorrow in March), we want to share one of our favorite healthy hearing recipes […]

  • How to Get Used to New Hearing Aids

    Some people may not realize that there is an adjustment period when you purchase a new pair of hearing aids. Knowing this ahead of time can increase your chances of being satisfied with your new device. However, one needs to know that getting used to hearing aids is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. If […]

  • Tips for Ear Pain: How to Lessen Your Discomfort

    Experiencing ear pain can be agonizing and disheartening, considering we use our ears for so much every day. In many cases, ear pain can be accompanied by hearing loss, which can add to the pain, suffering, and inconvenience. However, ear pain is a common condition that will strike us all at one point in our […]

  • Hearing Health & Cold Weather

    During the cold winter season, you must take extra care of your ears. While most people think about keeping up on their vitamins and nutrients to help fend off the cold and flu, most neglect their ears’ care. If you are guilty of ignoring your ears during the winter, you are doing yourself a disservice. […]

  • What to Expect During a Hearing Aid Fitting

    So you’ve come to terms with the idea of your hearing loss, and you are in the process of purchasing your first pair-congratulations! When a person has a hearing test and an examination that determines the need for hearing aids, that first appointment back is generally the time to try on your hearing aids. Typically […]

  • Simple Ways to Improve Your Hearing

    Having the ability to hear is quite a blessing. For those who are born with the ability to hear, it’s not unlikely to not fully appreciate this vital sense. Unfortunately, many don’t realize what they have until it’s gone, or until they start having issues with their hearing. The ability to hear is one of […]

  • Should I Have My Ears Professionally Cleaned?

    Your ears are an amazing organ. They help you hear the world around you, and the best part is they clean up after themselves. Earwax and other debris will move and fall out of your ear on their own, without any outside intervention. However, while your ears are naturally self-cleaning, sometimes earwax buildup can occur. […]

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