• The Facts About Acoustic Neuroma Hearing Loss

    Let’s face it; no one wants to ever hear the word “tumor” from a medical test or exam results. As scary as that word can be, tumors are not all equal. Luckily, acoustic neuromas are noncancerous. But, they can affect your hearing. As these tumors grow on the cranial nerve branches, they can interfere with […]

  • Tips For Troubleshooting Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids are a true miracle of the modern age. Since the first hearing aid was invented in 1920, two factors have remained constant; first, hearing aids have always helped to improve the lives of everyone who has used one, and second, they have never stopped improving. But what do you do when the miracle […]

  • Beach Tips For Hearing Aid Users

    The beach in summer is the perfect way to beat the heat, but hearing aid users should be careful to keep hearing aids safe from the hazards of waterfront activities. Your hearing aids are designed to improve your life, allowing you to live it to its fullest. But, many of the threats that can damage […]

  • The Connection Between Hearing and The Heart

    As the progress of modern medicine marches on, more and more data is found that connects the major systems in the body and shows how these systems work together and affect each other in times of stress. In this article, we will discuss the connection between the heart and hearing and what steps you can […]

  • How To Deal With Surfer’s Ear

    When it comes to summertime activities, one of the most exciting and iconic past times is surfing. Tall waves and bright sun are synonymous with summers on the beach. Contrary to what it looks like from a distance, surfing is actually one of the coldest summer sports. While hanging out in the cold water is […]

  • Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids

    It is estimated that over 30 million Americans in the United States have some form of hearing loss. Unfortunately, only about 1 in 10 people who need them use hearing aids. Surveys have shown that it’s not about the cost; the main reason people avoid getting hearing aids is due to one of the many […]

  • Summertime Safety Tips For Hearing Aids

    For many, summertime means fun in the sun, water, and outdoors in general. Getting out in the fresh air and physical activities can do wonders to shake off the memories of cold weather, months gone. As exciting as the warmer weather can be, it can also be very tough on hearing aids. Like many devices […]

  • What You Should Know About Swimmer’s Ear

    Swimmer’s ear, also called otitis externa by doctors, is a common infection of the outer portion of the ear canal. While simmer’s ear is mainly associated with activities involving pools, the truth is that any contaminated water that enters the ear canal can lead to infections of this type. Even though swimmer’s ear can affect […]

  • Common Summertime Activities That Could Damage Your Hearing

    As the heat of summer rises and people go out more and more to enjoy the activities of summer. Everyone knows it is important to protect yourself from the risks associated with the summer. Typical protection elements include sunscreen for UV rays, repellant for bugs, and plenty of water to beat the heat. Unfortunately, besides […]

  • Springtime Hearing Protection Tips and Tricks

    Springtime is celebrated every year as the time of renewal, growth, and outdoor events. With the cold weather of winter passing away, it seems like the whole world is ready to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures to the fullest. Unfortunately, the season’s excitement can overshadow the genuine risks to hearing health that springtime […]

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