• Gluten-Free Banana Bread Recipe for Healthy Hearing

    “You are what you eat” is a term you have probably heard on more than one occasion, and it’s true. You need to be aware of what you are putting into your body if you want to stay fit and healthy. To run efficiently, your body needs proper fuel and nutrition. Just like a high-performance […]

  • What Are The Top Causes of Hearing Loss?

    Hearing loss is a common ailment that can affect anyone, young or old. Unfortunately, there are many causes of hearing loss. Hearing loss can either be present at birth, or it can be acquired throughout life, at any point. Sensorineural, the most common type of hearing loss, can happen to anybody, at any age. Sensorineural […]

  • Back-to-School Hearing Aid Tips

    When heading back to school, children will need the typical school supplies so they can start the new school year on the right foot. However, if you are a parent of a child who wears hearing aids, you will have to add a few more things to the list. There’s a bit more preparation involved […]

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