• Springtime Hearing Protection Tips and Tricks

    Springtime is celebrated every year as the time of renewal, growth, and outdoor events. With the cold weather of winter passing away, it seems like the whole world is ready to get outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures to the fullest. Unfortunately, the season’s excitement can overshadow the genuine risks to hearing health that springtime […]

  • How Your Ears Can Be Affected By Springtime Seasonal Allergies

    Spring signifies higher temperatures and colorful flowers, but it can also indicate the onset of seasonal symptoms for anyone who suffers from allergies. Millions of Americans suffer from seasonal allergies at some time during the year, and unfortunately, allergies and ear pain can go hand in hand. For many, this includes discomfort and pain affecting […]

  • Helpful Apps For Dealing With Hearing Impairment

    As time moves forward and technology continues to advance, communication options for those who suffer from hearing loss as grown into a full-blown market unto itself, thanks to modern cell phone and computer technology. New communication technology like portable screens and automatic speech recognition has started to open the world to those who are deaf […]

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