Otosclerosis Treatment

Procedure to Treat Otosclerosis in NYC & Restore Hearing

NYC Ear Surgeon Neil M. Sperling Treats Otosclerosis with Stapedectomy Surgery

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Otosclerosis describes a condition of abnormal bone growth around the stapes bone (one of the tiny bones located in the middle ear). Derived from the Greek words for “hard” (scler-o) and “ear” (oto), this condition leads to the fixation of the stapes which must move freely in order for the ear to work properly and you to hear well. Diagnosis for otosclerosis in NYC is generally made by a combination of family history, progressive conductive hearing loss pattern and exclusion of alternatives. Hearing tests can show a sensory pattern and later show the typical conductive loss pattern.

Otosclerosis in NYC: Treatments to Restore Hearing Loss

Once you have been diagnosed with otosclerosis there are 3 main treatment options.

What is Stapes Surgery or Stapedectomy Surgery?

Stapes surgery, also known as stapedectomy surgery, is an outpatient procedure to treat hearing loss as a result of otoscleroris. This surgical procedure is done under general anesthesia where Dr. Sperling performs the surgery through the ear canal with an operating microscope.

The surgery involves removing part or all of the immobilizing stapes bone and replacing it with a prosthetic device which allows the bones of the middle ear to resume movement. As a result, fluid is stimulated in the inner ear and improves or restores hearing.

Performed since 1956 with a high success rate, stapedectomy surgery is a frequent option for treating otosclerosis. In cases where both ears are affected, ears are operated on one at a time with the worst hearing ear first. Dr. Sperling typically waits 6 months before performing surgery on the second ear.

What Should I Expect Following Surgery?

The majority of patients return home the evening after surgery. It is best to lie quietly on the un-operated ear the night after surgery. Some patients experience dizziness the first few days following surgery. Taste sensation may also be altered for several weeks or months following surgery but your taste sensation generally returns to normal.

Immediately following surgery, we ask patients to refrain from nose blowing, swimming or other activities that may get water in the operated ear. Normal activities, including air travel, are usually resumed 2-4 weeks after surgery.

Have more questions?
If you have additional questions or think you may have otosclerosis or are interested in seeing if stapedectomy surgery is the right treatment option for you, give our office a call. We have 2 convenient locations in Manhattan.

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