• Best Reasons To Schedule A Hearing Test Today

    It is estimated that over 450 million people worldwide have hearing loss at a debilitating level, with over a billion more at risk. While hearing aids can relieve some hearing issues, it’s estimated that over 20 percent of people that could benefit from hearing aid devices have been fitted to use them. Many who have […]

  • Tips For Musicians To Prevent Hearing Loss

    Music and musicians are an integral part of the history and culture of the entire world. Music can define a culture and provides an emotional expression that goes beyond words. For everyone who loves to play or listen to music, full-spectrum hearing is an essential part of the experience. Not being able to register all […]

  • New Year’s Resolutions For Hearing Health

    As the new year approaches, many people start to imagine the possibilities that the new year can bring. With that comes the tradition of new year’s resolutions. If you are worried about your hearing health, now is an excellent time to add it to your list this year. If you have been neglecting your hearing […]

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