• How The Cold Weather Can Affect Your Ears

    Winter is here, so it’s important to remember to protect your ears from the cold weather. Our ears are mostly made of cartilage and have very little insulating fat, which makes them vulnerable to the cold. Besides, the sensitive tissue in the ear canals can get irritated due to cold weather, leading to earaches. If […]

  • The Facts About Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

    Hearing loss is a common sensory impairment that affects millions of individuals globally. For those experiencing hearing difficulties, audiological technology offers two primary solutions: hearing aids and cochlear implants. While both devices aim to enhance hearing abilities, they function on fundamentally different principles, and their suitability depends on the type and degree of hearing loss. […]

  • Holiday Gifts for People with Hearing Impairments

    We are all familiar with the anxiety that arises with the holiday season, but it gets worse when you still haven’t figured out what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Choosing a thoughtful gift for someone with hearing loss can be a noteworthy challenge. You may want to give them something to make their […]

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