• How to Pick Out the Best Headphones for Kids

    When you have children, it’s natural to want the best for them. However, every parent needs a break, and sometimes popping your child down in front of a computer or iPad can help. Having your child watch or play a game on an electronic device can help drive away boredom and keep them occupied, and […]

  • Summer Hearing Health Tips that Can Help Save Your Ears

    With summer in full swing, many are looking to spend more time outdoors (while social distancing, of course!), especially after being locked indoors during the colder seasons, and for quarantine. While we are not discouraging having some fun in the sun, making sure you are smart about how you are spending your time can have […]

  • How to Protect Little Ears this Fourth of July and Beyond

    On the Fourth of July, many get together and celebrate. Enjoying time with family and friends over a delicious barbeque and ending the day with a spectacular fireworks display. For many, the beautiful display is the cherry on top at the end of the day, but this explosive display of colors and lights can be […]

  • How to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids in the Summer Heat

    If you want your hearing aid to perform its best, a little tender loving care goes a long way. Especially during the warmer months, since additional challenges are often present due to the heat and humidity. It’s important to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape if you expect to get a long life out […]

  • Are Itchy Ears Driving You Crazy? Learn How to Relieve Itchy Ears

    Being itchy is something that happens to people of all ages, and while this can be a nuisance, when it’s your ear that is itchy, getting relief can be difficult. The itching can usually entice people to do whatever it takes to get the itching to stop. However, it’s important to know that no matter […]

  • Why Are My Ears Crackling?

    Hearing strange sounds in your ear, while unsettling, isn’t too uncommon. Luckily, while this condition can be a nuisance, typically, it is not harmful. However, it can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and can indicate that you have an underlying issue causing this symptom. A common cause is experiencing pressure changes when changing […]

  • How to Properly Clean Your Hearing Aids

    Hearing aids are a significant investment, so it is essential to take care of them if you want them to last. Keeping your hearing aids well-maintained can help you continue hearing the world around you, and help you save money in the long run. While a hearing care professional should do the heavy-duty maintenance, there […]

  • Tips for Communicating with a Face Mask

    Being deaf or hard of hearing can be challenging. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 situation can make it harder for a person with impaired hearing to communicate with others, and for others to communicate with them. While we all need to wear a face-covering to help stop the spread, many new challenges are being faced for […]

  • Earwax Facts: What There is to Know About Cerumen

    Earwax is usually not a popular subject with many people, but this waxy substance plays an important role. Also known as cerumen, earwax is produced by the sebaceous gland in the ear canal and helps lubricate, clean, and protect the lining of the ear canal. Earwax helps trap dirt, dust, and other debris from reaching […]

  • Do I Need to Have My Hearing Checked Annually?

    Hearing loss is a common condition in this country, and the aging process is not always the cause. Unfortunately, having the ability to hear is something that many take for granted, and many do not realize until it is too late. This is why it is essential to take care of our ears. To do […]

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