• Summer Ear Protection Tips: How to Keep Your Ears Healthy this Summer

    Summer is here, and for many, that means an increased time outdoors. Since we are typically forced indoors during the colder months, it is understandable that a person would want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There is a lot to do and enjoy during the summer months. However, some of the typical […]

  • What are Some of the Basic Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips?

    If you have a hearing disability and use hearing aids, you probably rely on them daily. Hearing aids can impact your quality of life, so it is crucial to keep them properly maintained. Much like most things in life, hearing aids require routine upkeep to keep them working. Otherwise, your hearing aids run the risk […]

  • Helpful Hearing Hacks for Healthy Ears

    Do you find yourself saying the word “what” a lot to other people? If so, you may require a bit of a boost in regards to hearing. Whether that may be a way to enhance your own listening skills or simply a method to hear a little much better, having a couple of hearing hacks […]

  • How To Avoid Airplane Ear

    With the end of the outbreak and the lifting of travel restrictions finally here, many people suffering from cabin fever are gearing up and getting out of town. Depending on the distance to their planned destination, many people will have to take an airline flight to get to that far-off place. Even in the best […]

  • Get the Facts About Vestibular Disorders

    While you may or may not have heard of a vestibular disorder, they exist and can significantly impact a person’s life. Considered to be a chronic disorder that affects a person’s balance, vestibular dysfunction can affect both the patient and their family emotionally, physically, and mentally. Balance in life is key, and this is true […]

  • Preventing Hearing Loss in Children

    Typically a person thinks of an aging adult when they think of hearing loss since there is an association between hearing loss and aging. However, hearing loss in children happens and is more prevalent than you think. Children can be born with hearing loss in one or both ears, or it could stem from an […]

  • Using Acupuncture for Tinnitus Symptoms

    If you often hear a clicking, buzzing, whistling, ringing, humming, whooshing, or hissing sound that no one else can hear in one or both of your ears, then there is a good chance you are experiencing tinnitus. A common condition, tinnitus roughly affects nearly 50 million Americans, according to the American Tinnitus Association. Currently, there […]

  • Simple Ways to Improve and Protect Your Hearing

    It’s not uncommon for a person to take what they have for granted, such as the ability to see, feel, smell, and hear. Having the ability to listen to and interpret the sounds around you is a blessing, as it allows you to be fully immersed with your surrounding environment. With that in mind, you […]

  • How to Get a Grip on Meniere’s Disease

    You may not have heard of Meniere’s disease, but it’s a condition worth knowing about. Affecting both men and women, Meniere’s disease is an inner ear condition that causes balance problems and can affect a person’s hearing. Typically, Meniere’s disease only affects one ear and can come on gradually. When a person has Meniere’s disease, […]

  • Replacing Hearing Aids: Is It Necessary?

    It doesn’t matter if you are an existing hearing aid user or are looking into getting a pair for your first time; being educated is a crucial aspect. Hearing aids are an important investment, so knowing as much as you can help prepare you and help you get the most out of your hearing aids. […]

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