• Cold Weather Hearing Aid Tips

    As the winter season arrives, bringing colder and sometimes wetter weather, many bundle up and take precautions against the cold. The lower temperatures create unique issues for those who wear hearing aids. These devices contain sensitive components that can be affected by the change in seasons. Knowing how to deal with these issues can go […]

  • Best Tips For Hearing Protection For New Year’s Eve

    The end of the holiday season is punctuated with the celebration of New Year’s Eve. Ball drops, loud music, and fireworks dominate presentations that welcome the new year. While this is always a feast for the eyes, it can also be harmful to your hearing. Sounds that exceed 85 decibels can cause long-lasting damage to […]

  • How to Make this Year’s Holiday Dinner Hearing Loss Friendly

    At the center of every holiday celebration is the traditional family meal. But for those suffering from hearing loss, the issues presented can seem so difficult and stressful that they may avoid them and miss out on the festivities. Large gatherings and meals can be stressful for everyone involved; adding hearing loss to the equation […]

  • Holiday Gifts For Hearing Aid Users

      With the holiday season here, many people begin the mad scramble to check off all the names on their gift lists. It seems that every year there are advances in hearing aid devices, accessories, and tools. If you find yourself looking for last-minute gifts for hearing aid users, you are in luck, as we […]

  • Remedies for Earwax Blockage

    Human earwax, also known as cerumen, is an integral part of hearing health. Without it, the tiny hairs called stereocilia would become exposed to debris, bacteria, and moisture hindering their function. Usually, this isn’t an issue for most people, as the ears are self-cleaning, and most don’t even think about their earwax as a result. […]

  • Hearing Healthy Foods For Thanksgiving

      Thanksgiving is almost here, and many people are looking forward to seeing family, celebrating with friends, and toasting the health of loved ones. As the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving live on, in the twenty-first century, the ideas of having good health are given almost as much thought as having good times. Modern Thanksgivings are […]

  • Common Myths about Hearing Loss

    In today’s high-tech world, where knowledge and information are flowing faster than ever before, it’s hard to imagine that many older myths about hearing loss persist. These misconceptions can cause a great deal of harm due to the negative perception that can prevent people from seeking the help of a medical professional. The truth is […]

  • Tips for Halloween Costumes and Hearing Aids

    Halloween is fast approaching, and soon stores will sell out of costumes and makeup. For many who have waited until the last minute, the rush to get ready starts to set in. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids can complicate the entire process. However, the good news is that with just a little forethought […]

  • Halloween Safety Tips for Those with Hearing Loss

    Halloween is almost here, and everyone knows that there can be lots of fun with costumes, parties, and trick or treaters. A favorite pastime for children for generations is going from door to door in outlandish costumes to collect candy. However, in the middle of the seasonal festivities, fear and trepidation can lurk, especially for […]

  • The Layman’s Guide for Ear Care: How to Deal with Your Ears Safely

    Unless you started life with an abnormality or suffered a terrible wound, chances are you have two round appendages on the sides of your head we like to call “Ears.” Many do not realize just how special and amazing their ears are. Our ears do more than just allow us to hear; they help regulate […]

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