• Top Tips for Dealing with Earaches

    Every day millions of people experience painful discomfort known as earaches. Earaches can happen if there is swelling in the ear, commonly caused by infection. Studies have shown that earaches affect children much more than adults. Sufferers have reported symptoms that range from a dull ache to total disorientation. The common issues that can cause […]

  • The Connection Between Gluten and Hearing Loss

    Gluten is a commonly used and known term nowadays and has become quite a controversial topic. Gluten is a binding agent that is found in grains such as wheat, oats, durum, farro, barley, spelt, kamut, and rye. You can find gluten in all kinds of processed products, such as cakes, cereals, cookies, ice cream, pastries, […]

  • What is Causing My Temporary Hearing Loss?

    At the point when you experience an adjustment or change in your ability to hear, it tends to be frightening. However, fortunately, in some cases, when you experience hearing loss, it isn’t always lasting. There are a few reasons for brief bouts of hearing loss, and fortunately, these conditions can be mitigated in time. In […]

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