• Summertime Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Health

    During the summer, our hearing health needs special attention to protect it from the common hearing risks that occur at this time of year. Summertime and vacations can include air travel, music concerts, firework displays, and water activities that are correlated to hearing impairment. It’s essential to be aware of our hearing health during the […]

  • The Facts About Perichondritis

    Perichondritis is the condition where the skin around the perichondrium of the ears becomes inflamed or infected. The perichondrium is the area of fibrous connective tissue found between bones and joints. The skin surrounding the ears’ perichondrium is called the pinna. When this area becomes infected or damaged, it can lead to recurring issues if […]

  • Common Summertime Activities That Could Damage Your Hearing

    As the heat of summer rises and people go out more and more to enjoy the activities of summer. Everyone knows it is important to protect yourself from the risks associated with the summer. Typical protection elements include sunscreen for UV rays, repellant for bugs, and plenty of water to beat the heat. Unfortunately, besides […]

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