• The Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss

    As we get older, our ability to hear can slowly decline throughout the years, and while no one likes this fact, many us of realize that is one of the many realities we may face as we age. Besides hearing loss occurring from aging, noise-induced hearing loss is also common. Once again, we may not […]

  • Balance Disorder Exercises: Exercises for the Inner Ear

    Keeping your balance is essential in life, and this can apply in many different ways. However, a person’s ability to stay balanced, physically, is often looked over. Until that is when they start to lose it, losing your balance can be quite an awful experience, and it usually takes a situation such as experiencing constant […]

  • Spring Hearing Tips: How to Protect Your Ears from the Sounds of Spring

    Spring has sprung, and while it may not feel like it at the current moment, warmer days are ahead. While this may seem difficult to imagine, normal life will eventually resume. Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with going outside to enjoy the weather and getting some exercise (as long as you are keeping some distance of […]

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