• Successfully Navigate the Dating Scene with these Hearing Loss Dating Tips

    The dating scene can be awkward for anyone to navigate, but when you add a hearing impairment into the mix, some people find that they have an even harder time. While it is natural to feel anxious about an upcoming date, everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident with themselves. However, with proper preparation and […]

  • How to Make the Holidays Hearing-Friendly

    If you are hard of hearing or have any degree of hearing loss, the holidays can be a frustrating and challenging time. However, no one should ever hermit themselves away during the holiday season. Unfortunately having any degree of hearing loss can make it difficult to follow and stay involved in conversations and can quickly […]

  • Healthy Hearing 101: Prevent Hearing Loss with Food

    When you ask someone to list some of the ways to prevent hearing loss, you typically hear the same answers. Staying on top of ear infections, keeping your ears clean, listening to music at a reasonable level, and wearing earplugs are the most common answers. While none of these answers are false, many don’t realize […]

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