• Hearing Your Heartbeat: What It Means

    When you can hear a heartbeat-like sound in your ears, the medical term is pulsatile tinnitus. A few different issues can cause this condition and could be accompanied by other issues such as balance problems or headaches. In this article, we will discuss the causes and treatments for pulsatile tinnitus. Studies done on patients reporting […]

  • What Is Ear Discharge?

    The fluid located in the ear can have numerous distinguishable attributes. While light yellow and white earwax is desired as a sign of a healthy ear, irregular discharge colors could be caused by an ear infection or other issues impacting the ear canal or eardrum. This article will cover the various problems that could cause […]

  • How To Deal With A Swollen Ear

    As one of the most sensitive parts of the face, problems with the skin and tissue of the ears are almost impossible to ignore. The buildup of fluid in the delicate skin and tissue of the ear can make it itchy or painful to the touch, along with reddening and inflammation. There are a number […]

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