Sudden Hearing Loss

Seek Immediate Attention from Our Manhattan Audiologist

The sudden loss of your hearing is a serious condition, and we understand that the experience of rapidly losing hearing is frightening. This condition is often caused by a viral infection attacking the inner ear nerve and is sometimes treated as a casual ear infection. If you are experiencing this type of hearing loss, it is essential to seek immediate attention from an experienced physician. Visit Neil M. Sperling, M.D. at the NY Hearing and Balance Center as soon as possible if you think you’re going through sudden hearing loss. With speedy evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment by leading New York City audiologists, you will have a significantly increased chance for improvement. Conversely, delayed treatment may result in serious consequences such as permanent hearing loss. Several highly effective treatment options are available if you do not delay in seeking treatment.

Some of the symptoms of sudden hearing loss include:

  • Sudden Tinnitus or ear ringing
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Deafness over a period of a few days
  • Sudden balance problems like vertigo and dizziness

Ways to prevent sudden hearing loss:

  • Lower or eliminate any unnecessary noises.
  • Make your friends and family aware of your hearing loss. Ask them to more clearly and slowly.
  • Request that people face you when they are talking to you. In doing so, you are able to see their expressions and even read their lips.
  • Find the right hearing aid for your needs and make an appointment to get it fitted properly.
  • Utilize personal listening systems in order to reduce background noise in your surroundings.

Hearing health tips:

  • If your job is in a noisy place or your commute to work involved noisy construction or traffics, try quieter leisure activities to give your ears a break in your free time.
  • Make the habit out of wearing earplugs during times that you expect exposure to loud continuous noise. Earplugs will greatly reduce the sound volume of sound reaching the ear, thus bringing it to a safer level.
  • Avoid using multiple noisy machines at one time
  • Keep the volume lower on television sets, stereos, and headsets.
Our primary concern is your hearing, so please don’t hesitate to seek attention if you suspect that you might be experiencing sudden hearing loss.

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