• Everything You Need To Know About Cookie Bite Hearing Loss

    Human hearing spans a wide range of audio frequencies. When hearing loss develops, it can affect the brain’s ability to hear a particular frequency. Some conditions only affect the extremes, such as age-related hearing loss which usually dulls the highs and lows of sound frequencies. Audiologists use an audiogram device to determine which frequencies present […]

  • Debunking Common Hearing Loss Myths

    In today’s high-tech world, it’s hard to imagine that hearing aid hesitancy and under-diagnosed hearing loss it still a thing. The American Medical Association estimates that over 48 million Americans experience hearing loss of some form in one or both ears. Unfortunately, delusions and myths are still stuck on the subject of hearing loss. Whether […]

  • Thanksgiving Hearing Loss Survival Guide

    Thanksgiving is a day of feasting, family, and memories, and it can be as stressful as it is memorable. But for those who use hearing aids, the issues associated with Thanksgiving can reach unbearable levels. Background noises like other people’s conversations, the clacks, and clangs of dishes, music, and noises from cell phones can all […]

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