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The Hearing and Balance Center at New York Otolaryngology Group (NYOG), led by New York City ear surgeon Dr. Neil Sperling, M.D., offers patients a comprehensive array of services specific to the evaluation, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing impairment and balance disorders. The Center’s team of ear specialists and audiologists (hearing specialists) work together to evaluate each patient’s individual case and devise the appropriate treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

Approximately 28 million Americans suffer from a level of hearing impairment. In fact, this number is predicted to almost triple in 10 years. This staggering increase is largely caused by the louder lives that we lead. From booming concerts to screaming at sports events, or even listening to music at high volume with headphones, continued exposure to the many loud sounds in our daily lives can lead to a loss of hearing.

With the prevalence of hearing issues, we offer numerous treatment approaches available to individuals with hearing impairment and loss, as well as balance issues. We know that when you are uncomfortable or in pain due to physical change in your health, it causes confusion and anxiety. From the moment you enter our office, we are dedicated to making sure you are as comfortable as possible and informed about every option. For some patients surgical intervention is the best way to restore hearing loss; for others, medical devices and rehabilitation may be the most appropriate course of hearing treatment. The proper course of treatment is, of course, dependent on an accurate diagnosis as to the cause for the loss. From there, our team will determine the best course of action to reach a solution for your needs. Dr. Sperling is a highly experienced New York City ear surgeon focusing on the restoration of hearing. He is a leading researcher and the author of numerous medical publications and has edited several textbooks such as Otosclerosis: Diagnosis, Evaluation, Pathology, Surgical Techniques, and Outcomes.

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