New York City Ear Surgery

Our Primary Concern is Restoring Your Hearing


Hearing loss can have serious health and quality-of-life consequences. Throughout the journey of diagnosing your condition and exploring solutions, the hearing experts at the offices Neil M. Sperling, M.D. are here to help advise you and find the best course of action. For some individuals, the best course may be surgical intervention such as stapedectomy in NYC, while for others it may be the introduction of hearing devices or rehabilitative treatment.

For conditions requiring surgical intervention, we can help you with:

  • Stapedectomy in NYC:
    This procedure can reverse the progress of otosclerosis, a hearing disorder that causes progressive hearing loss. Stapedotomy surgery is a highly successful intervention that can quickly restore the quality of your hearing.
  • Tympanoplasty/perforated ear drum repair:
    Your ear drum may have been injured from a list of causes, but tympanoplasty is a surgery designed to repair perforations and return it to its proper state and function.
  • Cochlear implants:
    There’s hope to hear again, even for those with extreme hearing loss. If hearing aids are simply not enough to return your hearing, you may be a candidate for a cochlear implant.
  • Cholesteatoma/tumor removal:
    When you are experiencing a mass caused by debris building up in your ear canal, you will probably need a specialized surgical procedure to remove it safely and effectively.
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction:
    Abnormal separation of the bones in your middle ear will impair the way your ear conducts sound. But there’s hope for hearing restoration. Ossicular chain reconstruction can reverse the damage.

Our NYC ear surgeon offices can be reached at (212) 889-8575. Call us today to book your appointment and learn how we can help improve your hearing.

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