• How to Safely Travel with Hearing Aids

    When you wear hearing aids and rely on them daily, they quickly become an extension of you. Hearing aids can deeply impact a person by improving their quality of life, so it makes sense to take the precautions needed when traveling. When you are traveling with hearing aids, extra planning is necessary to keep your […]

  • Fall Hearing Tips: How to Safely Handle Fall Weather and Your Ears

    Now that it’s fall, the leaves are changing colors, and there’s a chill in the air. During autumn, temperatures can drop, and for those with hay fever, the fall season can cause many to experience allergy symptoms. Both of which can affect your ears. Allergies can cause fullness in the ear, itchy ears, and make […]

  • Thanksgiving Hearing Loss Recipes: How to Eat Your Way to Better Health

    Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and many will soon be sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a delicious, large meal around family and friends. For some, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday, especially since so much of it revolves around food and spending time with their loved ones. However, it is still important to remain […]

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