Reconstruction of the Ossicular Chain

Treated by Our Manhattan Ear Surgeon

The ossicular chain contains three bones: the malleus, incus and stapes bones. These three bones connect the eardrum to the oval window and transmit sound to the cochlea. When these bones are separated, it is called ossicular chain dislocation. This may cause hearing loss because the middle ear can not properly transmit sound. To fix this, you may need ossicular chain reconstruction in NYC. 

There are many causes of an ossicular chain dislocation. Some of the causes include congenital ear malformation, chronic ear infections, a tumor behind the eardrum known as cholesteatoma, and even a skull fracture. 

When the bones in the middle ear are separated in this manner, the result is a conductive hearing loss because the sound cannot travel through the ear properly. Surgery can often repair this disconnection and restore hearing to the ear. 

Surgery for Ossicular Chain Reconstruction in NYC

Ossicular chain reconstruction in NYC can help those with conductive hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sound can not pass through the middle and outer ear. Typically, conductive hearing loss makes it hard for individuals to hear soft sounds and can even make loud noises appear muffled. 

Reconstruction surgery takes place inside the ear canal. During this surgery, the ossicle bone is removed from the ear because it does not function properly (in this situation). An artificial implant, or sometimes a graft, replaces the missing ossicle bone in the patient. 

Patients can usually resume their daily activities the day after surgery but should be very careful for the first month following the procedure. The patient will take a hearing test after the healing process is complete to mark the success of the ossicular chain reconstruction surgery. 

Our team are experts at ossicular chain reconstruction because we:

  • Have one of the most experienced ear surgeons in New York City
  • Take the time to thoughtfully find the best course of treatment for you
  • Are involved in the research and development of improved patient care

Ossicular reconstruction/hearing restoration surgery may be a good solution for your hearing loss. This outpatient surgery usually takes 60 minutes. In most cases, ossicular chain reconstruction lasts a lifetime. Revision and restoration surgery is very rare but can still be necessary depending on the patient. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as there are many forms of ossicular damage. We analyze each case individually to identify the best method for reconstruction.

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