• How to Take Care of Your Hearing Aids in the Summer Heat

    If you want your hearing aid to perform its best, a little tender loving care goes a long way. Especially during the warmer months, since additional challenges are often present due to the heat and humidity. It’s important to keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape if you expect to get a long life out […]

  • Are Itchy Ears Driving You Crazy? Learn How to Relieve Itchy Ears

    Being itchy is something that happens to people of all ages, and while this can be a nuisance, when it’s your ear that is itchy, getting relief can be difficult. The itching can usually entice people to do whatever it takes to get the itching to stop. However, it’s important to know that no matter […]

  • Why Are My Ears Crackling?

    Hearing strange sounds in your ear, while unsettling, isn’t too uncommon. Luckily, while this condition can be a nuisance, typically, it is not harmful. However, it can negatively affect a person’s quality of life and can indicate that you have an underlying issue causing this symptom. A common cause is experiencing pressure changes when changing […]

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