• How To Avoid Airplane Ear

    With the end of the outbreak and the lifting of travel restrictions finally here, many people suffering from cabin fever are gearing up and getting out of town. Depending on the distance to their planned destination, many people will have to take an airline flight to get to that far-off place. Even in the best […]

  • Get the Facts About Vestibular Disorders

    While you may or may not have heard of a vestibular disorder, they exist and can significantly impact a person’s life. Considered to be a chronic disorder that affects a person’s balance, vestibular dysfunction can affect both the patient and their family emotionally, physically, and mentally. Balance in life is key, and this is true […]

  • Preventing Hearing Loss in Children

    Typically a person thinks of an aging adult when they think of hearing loss since there is an association between hearing loss and aging. However, hearing loss in children happens and is more prevalent than you think. Children can be born with hearing loss in one or both ears, or it could stem from an […]

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