• Protect Your Ears this Hunting Season with Our Hunting and Hearing Loss Tips

    Living in New York means that one of your favorite pastimes might be hunting and shooting, but did you know that repeated exposure to gunfire can negatively impact your hearing, even at a young age? Hearing loss in hunters is a relatively common condition, and it does not discriminate. The noise from a gunshot can […]

  • Yoga Asanas for Tinnitus

    Considered to be the most commonly experienced hearing condition, tinnitus is a disorder that can negatively affect a person’s quality of life. With tinnitus, a person hears sounds that don’t exist and there is no external cause for them. The sounds can be described as a whining, clicking, ringing, hissing, roaring, or a whooshing and […]

  • Your Fascinating Ears: Top 20 Hearing Facts

    Having the ability to hear is a blessing. Having ears and being able to hear helps keep you connected to the world around you. However, many who have this ability often take it for granted, which is a shame since it can be gone just as quickly. Your ears are amazing, as this complex organ […]

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