How Can I Get My Hearing Aid Batteries To Last Longer

How Can I Get My Hearing Aid Batteries to Last Longer?

It can be frustrating when your battery on your hearing aid dies, especially since they are essential to having a hearing aid that functions properly. However, this scenario can become even more frustrating if you don’t have any spares on you. While hearing aids are considered to be life-changing, you can’t hear if your device doesn’t have the juice it needs to function properly. Unfortunately, hearing aid batteries typically only last 3-10 days depending on the battery and the device you have. However, there are steps you can take to help them last as long as possible.

While the battery life on your hearing aid is determined by a variety of factors, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your hearing aid battery. If you would like to know how to get your hearing aid batteries to last longer, check out these helpful tips.

· Anytime you plan on handling your hearing aid and/or batteries, make sure you wash your hands first. Greasy, dirty hands can cause damage to your device and can affect the lifespan of your battery.

· Never remove the plastic tabs on the battery until you are ready to use them. Otherwise, you will activate the battery, and the battery will no longer be full when you finally get around to using your battery.

· When it is time to replace your battery, and you’ve removed the plastic tab, let the battery sit for 5 minutes. This will allow it time to activate as the zinc mixes with the oxygen, and can help increase your battery life.

· Today’s hearing aid batteries are no longer meant to be stored in the refrigerator, as extreme temperatures are not good for your batteries. So be sure to store your batteries in a dry location, at normal room temperature.

· If you are not using your hearing, keep it turned off in a safe spot. Open up the battery door so that moisture can escape, and if you plan on not using your device for an extended period of time, remove the battery entirely.

· If you stock up on hearing aid batteries, follow good practices by using your oldest packet first, never your newest packet. Over time power becomes reduced, so by using the oldest first you never have to worry about your batteries becoming too old.

· Always check the expiration date listed on the batteries, and when you purchase batteries, make sure you buy batteries that have an expiration date at least a year out from your purchase date.

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