• The Hazardous Effects of Smoking on Your Hearing Health

    The adverse effects of smoking cigarettes on the lungs is a subject that has been well documented. Current research on hearing health also points to smoking as a source of adverse effects. In comparison, these effects seem more indirect than issues that directly affect the lungs, which is probably why it has taken so long […]

  • Can Hearing Loss Be Caused By Traumatic Brain Injury?

    If you have ever been diagnosed with a TBI (traumatic brain injury), sometimes called a concussion, no doubt that you will remember the shock, dizziness, or ringing ears. Recent studies indicate that more than 2.8 million Americans are diagnosed with TBI each year. Sports injuries, airbag deployment, trips, falls, and even extremely powerful sound blasts […]

  • Is it Time to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids?

    Living with hearing aids not only improves hearing in general but also helps improve the quality of life for the wearers. As important as they are, it’s not surprising that many users take care of their devices, and as a result, many have lasted for years. While this can be an excellent habit, the downside […]

  • 6 Famous Women Who Have Hearing Loss

    March is Women’s History Month, and we would like to take a moment to showcase some of our favorite famous women who have hearing loss. These courageous people have risen above the fray and have acted as guiding lights for anyone who has ever suffered from hearing loss or deafness. Famous Women Who Have Hearing […]

  • Exercising with Hearing Aid Devices

    Having a healthy exercise routine is a great way to maintain your health. If you use hearing aids, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you leave them out. There are many good reasons to include your hearing aid devices in your workout regime. Depending on what activity you are doing, hearing aids can […]

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips to Help Protect Your Investment

    A hearing aid is a vital tool for everyday living for those who deal with hearing loss. While the advancement in hearing aid device technology has produced better working and lighter devices, the downside is that these devices are more sensitive to interruption from everyday exposure to dirt, debris, and moisture. The need to clean […]

  • Hearing Loss Prevention with Chocolate?

    Ah, chocolate, to aficionados, the delicacy made from the beans of the cacao tree is nothing short of “manna from heaven.” To ordinary people, it’s just a food-like candy that other people are obsessed with. As much as modern culture treats it like candy, the origins of chocolate are rooted in medicine, and that it […]

  • The Facts About Diabetes and Hearing Loss

    Living with diabetes is a complex health issue that can reach far beyond a glucose balance issue. It is estimated that over 37 million people have diabetes, and over 34 million suffer from some form of hearing loss, making these issues two of the most widespread health issues in America. However, these numbers are not […]

  • Best Tips For Hearing Protection For New Year’s Eve

    The end of the holiday season is punctuated with the celebration of New Year’s Eve. Ball drops, loud music, and fireworks dominate presentations that welcome the new year. While this is always a feast for the eyes, it can also be harmful to your hearing. Sounds that exceed 85 decibels can cause long-lasting damage to […]

  • How to Make this Year’s Holiday Dinner Hearing Loss Friendly

    At the center of every holiday celebration is the traditional family meal. But for those suffering from hearing loss, the issues presented can seem so difficult and stressful that they may avoid them and miss out on the festivities. Large gatherings and meals can be stressful for everyone involved; adding hearing loss to the equation […]

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