• Get Comfortable with These 6 Hearing Aid Wearing Tips

    Get Comfortable with These 6 Hearing Aid Wearing Tips Hearing allows you to live life to the fullest, but as you age the likelihood of becoming hearing impaired increases. It’s true that age is the strongest predictor of hearing loss, and the greatest amount of hearing loss occurs in individuals who are between the ages […]

  • Save Your Ears: MP3 Player Safety Tips

    With the rise of personal technology, it’s not uncommon for people today to own a portable media player. Putting on a pair of headphones when we work out, go on the subway, or when we just want to shut off the world for a bit has become an ingrained aspect in many people’s lives. Portable, […]

  • The Effects of Tai Chi on Vestibular Rehabilitation

    Experiencing dizziness every now and again is a natural part of being alive, but could you imagine living your life always feeling unbalanced? Unfortunately, for those who suffer from vestibular disorders living their life unbalanced is a daily occurrence for them. Part of the hearing system, your vestibular system is designed to help keep you […]

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