• Turn Down the Volume: How to Set Volume Restrictions on a Smartphone

    Noise-induced hearing loss has become a growing concern, especially with the influx of personal technology. Nowadays it seems like everyone has a smartphone that they can watch movies on, or listen to music or an audiobook on. Wh ile these devices can do a world of good, the negative pitfalls need to be recognized, especially […]

  • Fight Back Against Airplane Ear with These Helpful Tips

    With the weather warming up, many people are taking to the skies. However, no matter your destination, there’s something that many air travelers have in common, and that’s airplane ear. Airplane ear is a form of discomfort that often includes pain, popping, and pressure in the ear. A painful condition that can range from mild […]

  • Is it Autism or Hearing Loss?

    Typically when your child has a hearing impairment, healthcare professionals can guide the parents towards the appropriate resources and assistance. However, what happens when the hearing diagnosis is actually a precursor to another disorder, the autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? It has been estimated that up to 40 percent of children who demonstrate hearing loss also […]

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