• How to Better Manage Hearing Aids and Face Masks

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to alter our daily lives, and nowadays, it’s a common sight to see another person wearing a face mask. Face masks have become ingrained into our routine, no matter where we go throughout the day. While face masks have created obstacles for many people, face masks […]

  • Improve Your Hearing Health with these 5 Seasonal Fall Foods

    Fall is in full swing, which means pumpkin, squash, and other delicious seasonal fall foods are making their way into the grocery store or at your local farmers market. While some of these seasonal foods make excellent décor during the fall season, fall foods are delicious and nutritious. Eating fall foods for hearing health can […]

  • Halloween Hearing Loss Safety Tips: How to Enjoy Halloween with Hearing Loss

    As the end of October draws near, many are gearing up for a night of candy, trick or treating, spooky tales, and parties. While this holiday is generally fun-filled, just like anything, mishaps can occur that can turn a night of fun into a horror show. Safety precautions are always recommended for everyone. However, if […]

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