NYC’s Hearing Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Neil Sperling | NY Hearing Expert

If you are experiencing hearing loss or you suspect that you may have a hearing disorder, consult the hearing experts of the Hearing and Balance Center at the New York Otolaryngology Group. Led by top NYC Hearing Restoration Surgeon, Dr. Neil Sperling, M.D. is one of the most experienced experts in hearing-related issues.

Our center for hearing specializes in an accurate diagnosis of hearing disorders with individualized recommendations for solutions including advanced technologies, implantable hearing devices and surgical hearing restoration. We seek to provide excellent patient care and exceptional patient experience.

The New York Otolaryngology Group is affiliated with Northwell Health. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment at one of our three office locations, please call (212) 889-8575.

As a top NYC Hearing Restoration Surgeon, Neil Sperling and his audiology team are dedicated to finding the exact cause of your hearing loss. From diagnosis to treatment, finding the best solution to each individual’s hearing issues is the top priority. He is involved in research and developing new methods in the best care of ear conditions. This commitment permeates throughout our staff and we focus on providing you with outstanding care, treatments, and solutions.

Your Partners in Hearing Health

As hearing experts, we take pride in our work and make your hearing our primary concern. From the moment you step into one of our offices to when you’re discharged from our care, we will dedicate our expertise entirely to the goal of restoring your hearing. Hearing health doesn’t always change overnight, but it starts with an accurate diagnosis, expert intervention, and proper treatment.

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