• Holiday Gifts For Hearing Aid Users

      With the holiday season here, many people begin the mad scramble to check off all the names on their gift lists. It seems that every year there are advances in hearing aid devices, accessories, and tools. If you find yourself looking for last-minute gifts for hearing aid users, you are in luck, as we […]

  • Remedies for Earwax Blockage

    Human earwax, also known as cerumen, is an integral part of hearing health. Without it, the tiny hairs called stereocilia would become exposed to debris, bacteria, and moisture hindering their function. Usually, this isn’t an issue for most people, as the ears are self-cleaning, and most don’t even think about their earwax as a result. […]

  • Hearing Healthy Foods For Thanksgiving

      Thanksgiving is almost here, and many people are looking forward to seeing family, celebrating with friends, and toasting the health of loved ones. As the time-honored traditions of Thanksgiving live on, in the twenty-first century, the ideas of having good health are given almost as much thought as having good times. Modern Thanksgivings are […]

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