• How to Have a Hearing Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

    With Easter right around the bend, you know what that means; bunnies, chocolate, family time, and everybody’s favorite, Easter egg hunts! Many adults and children love hunting for Easter eggs. What’s not to like? It is exciting finding that brightly colored Easter egg hidden in the bush or couch cushion, and the excitement doesn’t end […]

  • What is a Stapedectomy?

    A common cause of hearing loss, otosclerosis is a disease that affects the middle ear bones and the inner ear. This condition causes progressive conductive hearing loss due to the immobilization of the stapes bone, but luckily treating this condition has various options, depending on the degree of hearing loss. If hearing loss is minimal, […]

  • What Is Otosclerosis

    What is Otosclerosis? One of the most common causes of progressive hearing loss in young adults is otosclerosis , a condition that can begin anytime between the ages of 10 and 45 for both men and women. Even though many doctors believe that otosclerosis is an inherited condition, isolated cases do occur. While the cause […]

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