A New Light-Driven Technology-The Earlens Hearing Aid

Do you wear hearing aids but hate the feedback that can come with it? It can be frustrating and difficult to follow a conversation if all you are hearing is a whistling sound in your ear. But what if we told you that there is a hearing aid out there that can provide you with less feedback, so that you can have a ‘normal’ listening experience? If your ears perked up, then learning more about the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid is a must. While traditional hearing aids use a small speaker to amplify sounds, the Earlens device converts sound into light to stimulate a person’s natural hearing system. This new FDA-approved, non-surgical device is placed into the ear of patients who have a mild to severe hearing impairment by a trained ENT specialist to help ensure you get the best treatment possible.

Besides offering minimal feedback, the Earlens Hearing Aid features a broad frequency range which equals a more rich and natural sound. Less feedback and better sound equals an easier time participating in group situations and will help make it easier to understand people when you are in a noisy environment. But how does it work? It all begins with the processor that sits behind the ear. When it receives sound, it relays it to the in-ear light-emitting diode tip. Sound is then converted into focused light and is directed towards the small, custom lens that is situated on the patient’s eardrum. This nonvisible light then causes the lens to activate the patient’s hearing system, delivering a full spectrum of sound.

The Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid allows you to experience the crisp highs, as well as the full lows, but it also offers many other great features. To help you decide if the Earlens Hearing Aid is the right choice for you, learn more about the features and benefits of the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid.

  • Features the broadest audible frequency range on the current market
  • Allows for more natural, rich sound
  • Can help alleviate the sensation of having “blocked ears”
  • Every Earlens Hearing Aid is custom made for the patient
  • ENT physicians are trained to help ensure you receive the best treatment possible
  • Features automatic adaptive directional microphones
  • Offers 20 channels and four customizable programs
  • Automatically adjusts to your listening environment
  • Features automatic volume learning
  • Whistling is minimized courtesy of its feedback reduction technology
  • Features noise reduction technology
  • Uses rechargeable batteries that give a full day’s charge
  • Offers wireless charging that is able to charge the batteries in four hours
  • Available in three colors

Are you interested in the Earlens Hearing Aid and live in the New York metropolitan area? Dr. Sperling and the rest of the team at the New York Hearing Center are considered to be a trained Earlens provider, and we are proud to offer the Earlens Light-Driven Hearing Aid to our patients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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