The Top Diseases That Can Cause Hearing Loss

The Top Diseases that Can Cause Hearing Loss

Many people associate aging with hearing loss, genetics, or by sustaining damage to the ear from excessive noise, but did you know that there are diseases that can also cause hearing loss? It’s true. Many people suffer from hearing impairment due to a disease, and while the prognosis may seem grim at first, not all of these conditions cause permanent hearing loss.

Depending on the disease, and the severity, some ailments can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. To learn more, check out which diseases have the ability to cause hearing loss.

Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma is a rare disease that affects the eighth cranial nerve. With this condition, a non-cancerous tumor is growing on the nerve that is responsible for balance and hearing. Unfortunately for this condition medical treatment is necessary, as it may eventually cause pressure on the brain that can become life-threatening. Currently, the only known cure for an acoustic tumor is to undergo surgery.


A common genetic condition, otosclerosis can cause a gradual onset of hearing loss due to abnormal bone growth in the ears. The abnormal growth inhibits the movement of the bones of the middle ear, making it hard for sound waves to be transmitted. Due to this, otosclerosis causes conductive hearing loss and is typically treated with surgery to help restore hearing.

Usher’s Syndrome

A genetic disease that causes both vision and hearing loss, Usher’s syndrome causes abnormalities in the ears, leading to hearing loss. Divided into three types, those with type 1 are born deaf. Type 2 individuals are born with moderate hearing loss, while type 3 is born with normal hearing that progressively declines over time. Unfortunately, at this time there is no treatment for Usher’s syndrome, only the hearing loss is treated by using hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Meniere’s Disease

A disease that affects the flow of fluid in the inner ear, Meniere’s disease can cause hearing loss due to the buildup of fluid within the ear. While the cause of this disease is not yet known, it often occurs in those between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. Sensorineural hearing loss is common with this disease, but a person’s hearing may come and go, and could become permanent over time. In most cases, this disease can be lived with, and can be treated with dizziness medication.

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