Hearing Loss and Stapedectomy Surgeons in NYC

Hearing Loss Restoration Specialist

Ear surgeon Dr. Neil Sperling, M.D., leads the Hearing and Balance Center at New York Otolaryngology Group in Manhattan. Dr. Neil Sperling and his fellow colleagues are highly experienced stapedectomy surgeons in NYC who offer a wide range of services aimed to evaluate and repair hearing disorders. The team at the Hearing and Balance Center specializes in an array of ear surgeries and is known as one of the best stapedectomy surgeons in NYC.

Offices in Manhattan

Dr. Neil M. Sperling is one of the top stapedectomy surgeons in NYC. Beyond being one of the best stapedectomy surgeons in NYC, Dr. Sperling also specializes in:

  • Otosclerosis: Also known as conductive hearing loss, it is a type of hearing loss that prevents sound from traveling through the ear properly. Otosclerosis surgery is used to correct the abnormal growth of the middle ear bone that may cause significant hearing loss.
  • Cochlear implants: While hearing aids help many people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, they cannot help everyone. Cochlear implant surgery provides sound for the profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing.
  • Cholesteatoma/tumor removal: This surgery involves the removal of non-cancerous skin growth grown behind the eardrum in the middle ear.
  • Ossicular chain reconstruction: This surgery is used to repair an ossicular chain dislocation, which is the separation of the middle ear bones.
  • Stapedectomy surgery: This surgery replaces the middle ear stapes bone with a prosthetic implant.
  • Eardrum perforation: This is a procedure that repairs the perforation, also known as an opening or hole, in a ruptured eardrum.
  • Hearing loss: This includes general diagnosing and repairing your sense of hearing.

Please note that Dr. Sperling only treats issues associated with hearing loss. For cosmetic ear surgery concerns please reference below.

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