Protecting Your Hearing On New Year’s Eve

Protect Your Hearing on NYE

As we welcome in the New Year, it might be a good time to give some attention to your hearing and steps you can take to protect your hearing on NYE. Like many other events that create loud volume sounds, New Year’s celebrations can get very noisy. Current studies show that more than 1.1 billion people between 35 and 12 are at a higher risk of sound-induced hearing loss. The good news is the following steps and advice are easy to do no matter what your plans are this New Year’s Eve.

How to Protect Your Hearing on NYE from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Use Earplugs

Using earplugs or other forms of hearing protection, like headphones, is a simple way to protect your hearing. The best part about earplugs is they work and fit in your pocket, and they’re even small enough to carry a few pairs to share.

Turn Down The Volume

Another cost-free method to safeguard your hearing is to turn down the volume or move a safe distance away from the source. Keeping your distance will ensure that loud noises have time to dissipate before they reach you.

Keep Your Ears Dry

Taking a swim or shower before the big night is alright, as long as you thoroughly dry your ears afterward before going out. Excess moisture, along with cold temperatures, can lead to issues like swimmer’s ear, which can cause further problems.

Take Occasional Breaks

Getting away from loud volumes to provide your eardrums a break can go a long way to protect your hearing. Find a spot to let your hearing rest from time to time. Excuse yourself from the crowded room for a breath of fresh air, or find a low-volume room.

Limit Exposure

Getting away from high-volume areas will do your hearing a world of good, especially if you are experiencing discomfort, like pain or ringing in the ears. It’s alright to step out or leave the party early if you need to. If issues persist afterward, make sure to seek out your doctor and have a hearing test as soon as you can.

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