Best Reasons To Schedule A Hearing Test Today

Hearing Test

It is estimated that over 450 million people worldwide have hearing loss at a debilitating level, with over a billion more at risk. While hearing aids can relieve some hearing issues, it’s estimated that over 20 percent of people that could benefit from hearing aid devices have been fitted to use them. Many who have received a hearing test that indicates hearing loss wait 5 to 7 years before purchasing hearing aids devices. Scheduling a hearing test with your audiologist is crucial if you want to stay on top of your hearing health.

Reasons Why You Should Schedule A Hearing Test


Improve Issues with Hearing Family and Friends

One of the most significant impacts hearing loss can have on a person’s life is the reduction in hearing loved ones. Children and women typically have higher-frequency voices making it difficult for those with high-frequency hearing loss. One of the most impactful reasons to get a hearing test is to be able to hear friends and family clearly again.

Improvement in Job Performance

Another common issue that can arise with hearing loss is reduced performance at work. Not being able to hear co-workers or the boss can negatively impact our lives at work, resulting in loss of hours, raises, and promotions. Getting fitted for a hearing aid can give you a boost at your job by helping you be more productive and confident.

Improved Health and Overall Well-Being

Hearing loss doesn’t merely affect hearing. When the ability to hear has been diminished, the brain has to work harder to decipher the signals leading to brain exhaustion, and too much stress on the brain can lead to worse issues. Studies have shown that the use of hearing aids helps take the strain off the brain and helps with cognitive functions.

Hearing Loss can be Associated with Other Health Issues

Recently, people have become more conscious of the health hazards linked with hearing loss. Studies have shown that there are conditions connected to diminished hearing. The most problematic relationship is between brain issues like dementia and hearing loss. Seniors with hearing loss are particularly vulnerable to developing conditions like dementia than those who maintain healthy hearing.

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