Improve Your Hearing Health with these 5 Seasonal Fall Foods

Fall Foods for Hearing Health

Fall is in full swing, which means pumpkin, squash, and other delicious seasonal fall foods are making their way into the grocery store or at your local farmers market. While some of these seasonal foods make excellent décor during the fall season, fall foods are delicious and nutritious. Eating fall foods for hearing health can help keep your whole body healthy, as well as your ears. Many seasonal fall foods supply you with the nutrients needed for a healthy body and healthy hearing.

Eating seasonal fall foods can help benefit your hearing health, not just satisfy your taste buds and your tummy. Check out our selection for fall foods for hearing health below to help eat your way to better hearing.

Pumpkin– A popular squash, pumpkins offer a lot more than being a piece of decoration for the fall. Pumpkin is chock full of Vitamins A, C, and E, and they also contain more potassium than a banana! Pumpkin is also high in fiber and rich in beta-carotene and folate.

Apples– Going apple picking is a popular fall outdoor activity, and this fall favorite is full of healthy hearing nutrients. Apples are loaded with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and potassium – making them the perfect snack.

Brussels Sprouts– While typically not a fan favorite, Brussels sprouts can be delicious and highly nutritious if prepared correctly. Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of Vitamin K, iron, and folate, so add them to a salad or have them as a side dish at dinner!

Parsnips– Sweet and versatile, there are many reasons why you should add parsnips to your daily diet. Especially since they are high in potassium and fiber and full of flavor. So eat them as is, or cook them and add them to your favorite stew or soup.

Artichokes– While artichokes are a bit of work to enjoy, they are delicious and an excellent folate source, an essential hearing health nutrient. Artichokes go great with any meal or as a savory snack (just don’t forget the butter!).

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