Halloween Hearing Loss Safety Tips: How to Enjoy Halloween with Hearing Loss

Halloween with Hearing Loss

As the end of October draws near, many are gearing up for a night of candy, trick or treating, spooky tales, and parties. While this holiday is generally fun-filled, just like anything, mishaps can occur that can turn a night of fun into a horror show. Safety precautions are always recommended for everyone. However, if you have impaired hearing or hearing loss, being mindful and preparation are needed to help ensure you have a night to remember for the right reasons. Enjoying Halloween with hearing loss is possible and likely if you take the proper steps and follow our guidelines below.

Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday for both young and old. However, if you are celebrating Halloween with hearing loss, make sure you check out the following guidelines. Following these Halloween hearing loss safety tips can help ensure that you have a sweet time on this spooky holiday.

• If you wear hearing aids, make sure you check on them to ensure that they are working properly. You do not want to rely on hearing aids that aren’t functioning properly. It’s best to do this before Halloween, so if there are any issues, you have the time to get it corrected.

• Halloween can get cold, so make sure you keep your ears warm! This rule applies to everyone, hearing impaired or not. The cold is not good for the ears, and since it can reduce blood flow, it can increase the risk of ear infections. If there’s frost on the ground, or it’s projected to be a cold night, wear earmuffs or a hat to help keep your ears warm and covered.

• Extra batteries are recommended to have on your person if you wear hearing aids. Even if you put in a fresh pair before you left the house, which is recommended, cold weather can shorten the life of a battery. If you plan on spending a decent amount of time outdoors, it is highly recommended that you bring a few spare batteries with you, just in case.

• Wearing hearing aids and want to wear a mask or a hat? Make sure you see how everything fits together before the big night. This way, you have time to make adjustments if needed. You don’t want your hat or Halloween mask to dislodge and damage your hearing aids accidentally. Face paint is an excellent alternative, but if you have your heart set on wearing a mask, make sure you have a way to attach your hearing aid to your mask or hat to prevent damaging or losing your hearing aid.

• Planning on being outside in the dark? If you have plans to trick or treat, make sure you are visible to passing vehicles. Halloween costumes can be dark, so make sure you stick a piece of reflective tape somewhere on you or your bag, so you are visible to cars. There is always the chance that you may not hear a vehicle coming your way. Having a flashlight is also a good alternative and can help you navigate dark pathways and steps.

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