I never found a qualified surgeon that I felt confident with until I met Dr. Sperling

July 9, 2019

I have suffered from chronic mastoiditis for ten years. In that time, I never found a qualified surgeon that I felt confident with until I met Dr. Sperling. Dr. Sperling performed a tympanomastoidectomy on my left ear last week. I have had an amazing recovery from the moment that I woke up in the recovery room – no pain and I feel great. I was back to my normal activities right away (except for getting the ear wet). Dr. Sperling is highly professional, has a pleasant bedside manner and has a funny, dry sense of humor.

I had the outpatient surgery at NY Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan Hospital although Dr. Sperling also operates at NY Eye & Ear Infirmary. The care was exceptional. I don’t think that I was left alone for a minute, someone was always watching over me, ready to assist me in any way possible. Dr. Sperling called me the morning after the surgery even though it was a Saturday in addition to the routine call that I received from a surgical nurse at the hospital.

Dr. Sperling’s surgical coordinator, Sara, took care of all the scheduling and insurance issues. I never even had to contact my insurance company. It was all taken care of for me. Dr. Sperling’s two Manhattan offices are professionally run and I have always been seen promptly. Dr. Sperling’s offices are a bit of a drive for me to get to as I do not live in the city, but the excellent care provided is worth the trip.

I am a registered nurse and have high expectations for quality health care. I unequivocally recommend Dr. Sperling. Dr. Sperling takes his time to thoroughly explain all options, the surgical procedure and answer any questions (I came in with a typed list). He is board certified which is essential, patient, compassionate and knowledgeable. In addition, Dr. Sperling is a hearing restoration specialist so that he focuses on repairing hearing while operating on the initial problem.

I would have posted this review sooner but I already went on vacation to my parent’s beach apartment on the Jersey Shore for a few days. It is clear why Dr. Sperling is always included in publications such as Best Doctors in America and New York’s Top Doctors!

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