I absolutely recommend Dr. Sperling.

July 9, 2019

In 2004 I was diagnosed with otosclerosis. October 2005 I underwent a left ear stapectomy. While the results turned out well, I had a lot of pain, dizziness and worst of all vertigo. In Jan of 2017, I researched and found Dr. Sperling. My right ear hearing loss was great. In May of 2017, Dr. Sperling operated on my right ear, stapectomy, at NY eye and ear infirmary. The results was excellent. But my experience from my first surgery was different, No pain, No dizziness and absolutely No vertigo! My hearing was restored to my right ear. Thank you Dr. Sperling. He has a wonderful staff and a excellent coordinator who took care of all details. Thank you so much. I absolutely recommend Dr. Sperling.

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