Ways to Make Christmas More Enjoyable for the Hearing-Impaired

Christmas Hearing Loss Tips

Christmas time is here again. The traditional time for gift-giving, family gatherings, and all the issues that hearing loss brings to the most festive time of year. For those with hearing loss, the holidays can be a challenge regarding effective communication with friends and family. Follow these Christmas hearing loss tips to help improve the experience of friends and family members suffering from hearing loss this year.

Christmas Hearing Loss Tips: Ways to Make Christmas More Enjoyable for the Hearing-Impaired

Turn Down and Minimize Sounds in the Background

Background conversations and noises can wreak havoc on hearing aids, preventing them from working effectively. Keep entertainment sounds low to help prevent too many people from having to talk over these sounds. Turn on the closed captions while showing the game, so the volume can be kept low or turned off.

Ask for Assistance if Needed

There is nothing wrong with asking for help with issues associated with hearing loss. Especially if it has been a while since you last visited, loved ones may not be aware of changes in hearing health. From repeating phrases to establishing a “hearing buddy” to help with communication, assistance can be one best gifts for those with hearing loss.

Choose Well-Lit Rooms and Environments

Lighting can play a crucial element for those suffering from hearing loss. Low-lit and dark spaces can prevent lip reading or properly seeing facial expressions, leading to misunderstandings and confusion. Make sure to brighten up rooms or ask for more light if needed. Opening curtains or using higher-intensity lightbulbs can make a huge difference.

Engage Conversations with Active Listening

While the term “active listening” might sound complicated, in reality, it’s not. Active listening literally means paying closer attention. Making eye contact, sitting, or moving closer to the conversation can make all the difference in understanding what is said and helping loved ones feel included.

Hearing loss can make people feel isolated and disconnected from friends and family. Providing support and accommodations for those with hearing loss is the best way to show how much you care, not just during the holidays but all year around as well.

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