Gift Ideas For Friends And Family With Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Holiday Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, many friends and family begin the last attempt to find unique gifts for their loved ones. For those shopping for loved ones with hearing loss, we have compiled a list of hearing loss holiday gifts to help make your life a little easier and help your loved one better connect with the world at large.

Hearing Loss Holiday Gifts: What to Get the Hearing Impaired

Give the Gift Of Power

When it comes to hearing aids, the general rule is you never have enough batteries. Without power, hearing aids are useless; even new batteries only last a week or two. And since they stay good in the package for a long time, spare batteries are always a welcome gift.

Digital and Cell Phone Accessories

As technology continues its advancement, the number of advanced devices that connect wirelessly has increased to a vast array of devices and gadgets. Many of these devices can potentially improve the lives of anyone with hearing loss. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can connect to various other devices, modern televisions, cell phones, smart jewelry, and more.

Kits and Cases

Cleaning kits, carrying cases, and dehumidifiers make great gifts for loved ones suffering from hearing loss. Ask anyone who has used hearing aids for a long time, and they will tell you that protecting their devices is a top priority. Gear that receives frequent or daily use can wear out pretty quickly, making replacements greatly appreciated.

Home Accessories

Even as much as hearing aids are considered an essential part of day-to-day life, they can’t be worn all the time. For instance, people need to sleep and take a shower. Filling a need is a great way to choose a gift. Many household devices exist that can connect things usually associated with sound and create a visual event. These “alert devices” can do things like make a lamp flash when the doorbell rings or an alarm clock that flashes and vibrates. Look up the term Alert devices, and chances are you will find a device that fits as a perfect gift.

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