Summertime Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Health

Common Hearing Risks

During the summer, our hearing health needs special attention to protect it from the common hearing risks that occur at this time of year. Summertime and vacations can include air travel, music concerts, firework displays, and water activities that are correlated to hearing impairment. It’s essential to be aware of our hearing health during the summer months in a similar way we protect our eyes and skin from UV rays.

Common Hearing Risks Associated with Summertime

#1. Sudden Changes in Pressure

Activities like diving or air travel can affect the pressure difference usually regulated by the inner ear. When this process gets interrupted, it can result in a stuffy feeling in the sinuses, pain, and possibly even damage to the inner ear. Taking gum or candy can help alleviate the pressure by stimulating the sinuses, allowing the inner ear to balance the pressure.

#2. Sounds Exceeding 85 Decibels

It is widely known that exposure to loud sounds can quickly damage hearing resulting in tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or permanent impairment. The best way to protect your hearing is to limit your time exposed to loud noises and allow your ear a chance to rest. Stay as far away from large speakers and sources of loud noises; better yet, make sure to have earplugs or hearing protection available if you know you are going to be around loud sound.

#3. Repeated Exposure to Water

The most common issues that affect hearing health during summer involves water. Sudden changes in pressure can rupture eardrums, and excess moisture can result in the growth of bacteria inside the ear canal. Using earplugs or a swim cap can help prevent most issues associated with water. In any case, make sure to allow your ears to dry thoroughly to help keep them healthy.

#4. Rapid Changes in Temperature

While air conditioning can be a great way to beat the heat, prolonged exposure to cooler air and then going into the heat or vis-versa can contribute to summer colds, ear infections, and sore throats. Ears, nose, and throat specialists advise limiting the use of ac to help reduce any adverse side effects.

#5. Over-Use of Carcinogenic Substances

Toxic and intoxicating products can have a significantly negative impact on hearing health. Reducing or eliminating exposure to these substances is the best way to protect the long-term health of your ability to hear clearly.

Following these helpful tips can help protect your hearing health and allow you to enjoy the ability to hear for many seasons to come.

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