Fourth of July Hearing Tips

Fourth of July Hearing Tips
While the typical Fourth of July traditions are fun and exciting to watch, it doesn’t come without its share of risks. Unfortunately, this colorful holiday is one of the loudest, so you run a much higher risk of damaging your hearing. A firework show can reach as high as 155 decibels, which is past the safe limit, especially since 120 decibels can damage your hearing immediately. Fireworks are loud, louder than your typical rock concert and they can be louder than gunfire, so it would be smart to follow some safety guidelines. Luckily by following some Fourth of July hearing tips you can still enjoy this exciting holiday and preserve your hearing simultaneously.

Hearing loss is a growing problem, but you can take the proper steps by knowing how to lower your chance of damage. Protect your hearing this Independence Day with these helpful Fourth of July hearing tips.

• An easy and inexpensive way to protect your ears is to wear a pair of earplugs anytime you are near a source of loud noise. So if you are celebrating the Fourth by watching a concert or a fireworks show, make sure you invest in a pair. If you have a child under the age of eight, make sure they wear earmuffs.

• When you are at a fireworks show or a concert, make sure you keep a safe distance from the source of the noise. The further away you are, the risk of permanent hearing loss minimizes, so make sure you stay at least 500 feet away from speakers, firecrackers, fireworks, and any other loud source of noise.

• If you are at a loud event, even if you are wearing ear protection, make sure you know your limits and take periodic breaks. Every hour or two, try to find a quiet spot to give your ears a rest for at least 15 minutes. If you notice buzzing or ringing in your ears, make sure you give your ears a rest immediately.

• Seek the assistance of an audiologist if you are experiencing persistent ringing or buzzing in the ear, have hearing loss, or suspect your hearing is damaged. Feeling like your hearing has been affected should be your indicator that you should seek professional help.

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