Take the Hearing Loss Self-Test

Take the Hearing Loss Self-Test

Any degree of hearing loss can affect your life in a negative way, and it doesn’t discriminate. Hearing loss can affect a person of any age, race, or gender, so it is important that you make your ears a priority. Your ears are a sensitive part of your body. Therefore being proactive in your health is needed to protect your ability to hear, so you can listen and communicate with others for as long as possible. Luckily with hearing loss, there are often signs and symptoms you can watch out for.

Prevention is the best medicine, so if you feel like you or a loved one may have some degree of hearing loss use this hearing loss self-test to help you decide if a hearing evaluation is needed.

1. Do you find that you often have a difficult time following a conversation on a telephone?

2. Do other people often sound like they are mumbling when they speak to you?

3. If there is a lot of background noise, do you have a hard time hearing and understanding others?

4. People often tell you that you have the volume level on the radio or television up too loud.

5. You often experience ringing in your ears (tinnitus).

6. If you are on the telephone, do you find that you can hear better through one ear?

7. If a person whispers or speaks in a low-voice, do you have trouble understanding them?

8. Do you have a difficult time following the speech of women and children?

9. People often get frustrated with you because you don’t reply to what they are saying, or you frequently misunderstand them during a conversation.

10. You frequently have to ask other people to repeat themselves during a conversation.

11. If more than two people are speaking simultaneously, do you have problems following the conversation?

12. Do you find that you often have to strain to understand a conversation?

13. Do you often not hear every day sounds such as your doorbell or phone ringing?

14. Have you worked in noisy environments?

If you answered yes to two or more, it is vital that you see an audiologist as soon as possible to have your hearing evaluated further.

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