Summer Ear Protection Tips: How to Keep Your Ears Healthy this Summer

Summer Ear Protection

Summer is here, and for many, that means an increased time outdoors. Since we are typically forced indoors during the colder months, it is understandable that a person would want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. There is a lot to do and enjoy during the summer months. However, some of the typical summertime activities are loud and have the potential to harm your ears, and being exposed to loud sounds can increase your danger of irreversible hearing loss. To help protect your ears from the loud summer season sounds, you must utilize our summer ear protection tips listed below.

It is crucial to your hearing health that you secure your ears from the sounds of summer. To protect your ears this summer season, follow these helpful summer ear protection pointers.

  • When you are utilizing headphones to listen to audio, locate the volume controls and keep it low. According to the Centers for Illness Control (CDC), eighty-five decibels is the cutoff for hearing safety, so turn down the volume. Anything above eighty-five decibels can put your hearing at risk.

  • It is crucial that you keep your distance from the stage, speakers, firework programs, and any other loud event. Increasing your range from the source of sound will decrease the decibels of the noise reaching your ears.

  • Use earplugs or protective headphones while operating power devices and loud equipment, driving with the windows down, target shooting, or at a loud show or concert. Doing this will allow you to hear what you are doing while blocking out loud sounds that are unsafe to your hearing.

  • When you are in a loud environment that is constant, make sure you take some time away, somewhere that is quiet, to give your ears a rest. By rotating your time being in a loud and quiet environment, you will decrease your chances of hearing damage.

Your ability to hear is a gift, so make sure you do the necessary maintenance. See your audiologist today to stave off any future hearing health issues.

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