Don’t Ignore the Symptoms: The Consequences of Hearing Loss

One of the most prevalent conditions in the United States is hearing loss. While it’s not uncommon for people to see a doctor when something is wrong, but when it comes to hearing loss, many people ignore the signs. Even when they are aware that their hearing is deteriorating, they are still reluctant to see a doctor. The reasons behind these actions vary, but more often than not, many wait years until they finally address the problem. Some may think that hearing loss is no big deal, but the effects go well beyond just hearing loss. Loss of hearing can negatively affect your social, physical, and overall well-being.

Hearing loss is not a harmless condition that can be overlooked. Don’t believe us? Learn more about the consequences of untreated hearing loss and how it can affect the quality of your life.

  • Untreated hearing loss is associated with stress, fatigue, diminished cognitive function, tension, social isolation, irritability, anger, and depression.
  • Diminished hearing can negatively affect your earning power and work performance, as it can lead one to make mistakes due to faulty communication.
  • A nationwide survey compiled by the National Council on Aging found that individuals who didn’t wear hearing aids had a higher rate of anxiety and depression.
  • A study at John Hopkins revealed that cognitive decline is 41% more likely to occur in seniors with hearing loss.
  • A diminishment of both your physical and psychological health can occur if you let hearing loss go untreated.
  • Personal safety risk increases due to reduced alertness, balance problems, and a lack of awareness of surroundings. A study at John Hopkins found that people with hearing loss are almost three times more likely to fall.

Hearing loss does not discriminate, and it can strike anyone, at any time. If you suspect hearing loss, don’t delay, get it checked out and treated by a hearing healthcare professional.

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