Ear Surgery Patient Testimonials

Video Testimonials for Dr. Neil Sperling in NYC

Patient Testimonial – One Week After Stapedectomy Surgery

“Now without the hearing aid I’m hearing much better than I was hearing with the hearing aid . . . I’m just amazed at how wonderful this is. I never thought it could happen. Twenty years of hearing aids with hearing getting worse and worse . . . like giving me twenty years of my life back.”

Since her early 20s this patient suffered from hearing loss which lead her to improve her hearing with hearing aids. While her hearing improved with the hearing aids in, over time it gradually got worse. Her friend recommended her to Dr. Neil Sperling and she says the ear surgery with him was “one of the easiest things I’ve ever done.”

Patient Testimonial – Stapedectomy Surgery to Treat Otosclerosis

“Dr. Sperling was so kind and a great doctor . . . I can finally hear again (with one ear) and I’m looking forward to getting the other ear done.”

In 2008 this patient was diagnosed with Otosclerosis. For the past 4 years she has been using hearing aids to improve her hearing loss but a year ago she decided to get stapedectomy surgery to improve her hearing without the need of hearing aids. She has gotten great results and says she is looking forward to getting her other ear done.

Patient Testimonial – Stapedectomy Surgery in Right Ear to Treat Otosclerosis

“I realized I had otosclerosis when I was in graduate school . . . I knew it was impacting the quality of my life. I knew how to deal with it but I realized I was struggling a lot. I’m sorry I didn’t take the plunge [correct my hearing] sooner!”

This patient had been living with otoscelrosis in her right ear for about 15 years. She discovered it in the early stages while in graduate school studying Audiology and learned to live with the hearing loss until she realized how much it was impacting the quality of her life. She states that people had to situate themselves differently to accommodate her or she had to move to accommodate herself so she could hear.

After the surgery, when the packing was removed, she was “astonished” and “couldn’t believe how loud everything was and that the sounds of New York City were overwhelming.” Within a few weeks of the surgery her brain has adjusted to her improved hearing and she can now have people sit on her right side at restaurants and even talk on the phone using her right ear.

Patient Testimonial – Stapedectomy Surgery in Left Ear to Treat Otosclerosis

The patient states that from start to finish it has been a wonderful experience. And that Dr. Sperling is the best in the field and he knows what he is doing and is extremely passionate about it.

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