• Fall Hearing Tips: How to Safely Handle Fall Weather and Your Ears

    Now that it’s fall, the leaves are changing colors, and there’s a chill in the air. During autumn, temperatures can drop, and for those with hay fever, the fall season can cause many to experience allergy symptoms. Both of which can affect your ears. Allergies can cause fullness in the ear, itchy ears, and make […]

  • Thanksgiving Hearing Loss Recipes: How to Eat Your Way to Better Health

    Thanksgiving is just around the bend, and many will soon be sitting around the dinner table, enjoying a delicious, large meal around family and friends. For some, Thanksgiving is their favorite holiday, especially since so much of it revolves around food and spending time with their loved ones. However, it is still important to remain […]

  • How to Better Manage Hearing Aids and Face Masks

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused all of us to alter our daily lives, and nowadays, it’s a common sight to see another person wearing a face mask. Face masks have become ingrained into our routine, no matter where we go throughout the day. While face masks have created obstacles for many people, face masks […]

  • Improve Your Hearing Health with these 5 Seasonal Fall Foods

    Fall is in full swing, which means pumpkin, squash, and other delicious seasonal fall foods are making their way into the grocery store or at your local farmers market. While some of these seasonal foods make excellent décor during the fall season, fall foods are delicious and nutritious. Eating fall foods for hearing health can […]

  • Halloween Hearing Loss Safety Tips: How to Enjoy Halloween with Hearing Loss

    As the end of October draws near, many are gearing up for a night of candy, trick or treating, spooky tales, and parties. While this holiday is generally fun-filled, just like anything, mishaps can occur that can turn a night of fun into a horror show. Safety precautions are always recommended for everyone. However, if […]

  • Why am I Experiencing Clogged Ears?

    At some point, we have, or will experience, plugged or clogged up ears. This can happen by our own doing when we place earplugs into our ears, or it can happen on its own—leaving you to wonder why your ears feel clogged. When our ears feel clogged or plugged, and we are not sure why […]

  • Why You Need To Schedule a Back to School Hearing Exam

    September is finally here, which means two things. The year is almost over, and the new school year has finally begun. While you are busy getting everything you need for your child to have a successful school year, it is crucial that you do not forget to pay a visit to an audiologist. Your child […]

  • Going Back to School with Hearing Loss

    As we go into September, the start of the new school year begins. While many kids find the beginning of the school year to be exciting, for some kids, the start of the new school year can be quite daunting. For a student with hearing loss, their fears and insecurities are likely to loom over […]

  • Everything You Need to Know About Surfer’s Ear

    As summer winds down and the air around us begins to cool off, many begin to make the switch of heading back indoors. While many are off getting ready for the back to school season, many seasoned surfers take advantage of the open water. Beaches here in the NYC metro area, and even on Long […]

  • Can a CSF Leak Affect My Hearing?

    Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear liquid that surrounds the brain and the spinal cord. CSF fluid delivers nutrients to the brain and helps protect the brain by providing a “cushion” inside the skull. Unfortunately, when there is a tear in brain tissue, a CSF leak can occur. When this happens, CSF fluid can escape […]

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