Halloween Hearing Aid Costume Ideas

Halloween Hearing Aid Costume

Halloween is almost here; as families gear up for trick-or-treating and holiday gatherings, it’s important to remember that over 30 million Americans in the United States experience some form of hearing loss. Due to the rise in hearing issues and the improvement in technology, hearing aids are becoming more and more common. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, many people with hearing loss are still hesitant to try hearing aid technology. However, recent studies have shown that positive exposure to hearing aid use is the best way to dispel the myths and misconceptions about hearing aids. If you or someone in your family use hearing aids, there is no reason to leave them out of your Halloween plans, and by including your device in your costume plans, you may even help someone else become less reluctant to use hearing aids themselves. We have gathered some of the best Halloween hearing aid costume ideas and tips to help you showcase and celebrate your hearing aid device this Halloween.

Halloween Hearing Aid Costume Ideas

Temporary and Removable Covers

While Halloween might be a favorite holiday, it is still only one night a year; hearing aids are used daily, making permanent decorations a non-starter. In this case, the best place to start your hearing aid decoration is with a removable cover. Using temporary covers will allow you to use things like paint, jewels, and hard glue without damaging your device. This option is the safest for your device and allows you to save it for next year or for nostalgia.


Putting stickers directly on hearing aids can be problematic, as the glue can separate from the print and leave a sticky mess behind. Look for removable stickers and cling plastic as an alternative. It’s also important to be careful to avoid covering up ports, holes, and openings when placing stickers.


Like stickers and other decorations that use adhesives can cause permanent damage to hearing aids. That being said, soft glues like spirit gum and latex adhesives can be cleaned off with a dry cloth, making them ideal to use directly on the surface of your device.

Things to avoid

Even if you plan you decorate a backup pair of hearing aids, there are still things that can permanently damage hearing aids when applied. Make sure to stay clear of the following options:

Spray paint and waterbased paints

Paint can be problematic when thin or aerosols can ben into seams, cracks, and openings, causing damage to internal components. We recommend paint pens used on temporary covers for the best results.

Hot glue and heat guns

Hearing aids and extreme heat is a combination that will severely damage your device very quickly. Even removable covers can be easily melted, preventing them from fitting.

Large or long attachments

It may be tempting to go all out on decorating your hearing aid device, but it’s a good idea to avoid attaching long or large decorations, even on removable covers. Decorations that stick out too far can create problems for your device’s operation and your ability to keep them in place. Snags, tangles, and hangups can become issues when this option is used.

Decorating hearing aids for Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary event, and following our Halloween hearing aid costume guide will help you to showcase and celebrate the devices in your family. Putting positive attention to these devices has been shown to improve the wearer’s self-esteem and reduce the negative stigma associated with hearing aids.

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